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From the desk of

With the vision of contributing to reaching a better tomorrow of all, by all and for all, by way of the mission of a sincere green and clean model ofapparel

manufacturing in the 21st century, Green Sweater Ltd has been operating in the export oriented sweater industry of Bangladesh since 2015.

It is a USGBC-LEED-Gold Green factory. Fully compliant in respect to social, ethical and workplace conducts, it ensures ‘Doing the Right Things.’

Thanks to our valued customersaround the world and efficient employees, just in a short period of three years since starting, we could reach an impressive export figure of 15 million US dollars in the year 2018.

Solidified on sustainable linchpins, the success story of Green Sweater Ltd promises continuity.


From the desk of
Managing Director

Green Sweater Ltd is a completely eco-friendly project. It is USGBC-LEED certified for the Gold category.

In increasing export, creating employment and contributing to the GDP, the impact of the export oriented RMG industry is enormous in our country. Keeping those points in view, ensuring quality environment of work and sportingly embracing the global completion, our core mission is to produce world class sweaters and pullovers. It is true that tying all those ends togethertends to increase our project cost and production cost, yet we are sincerely working to reflect the fair conscience of the valued buyers and the dedicated workers we the Green Sweater Ltd is featured by. We love to see our efforts would bring the image of our country and nation forward, impressively.And, this is the ultimate accomplishment Green Sweater Ltd values most.

I am confident that soon Bangladesh would be emerging as the largest exporter of readymade garments in the global arena, and each of our garment factories would be considered safe, compliant and eco-sustainable by standards to be applauded by the global communities concerned.


Eco-sustainable Features of Green Sweater Ltd

Green Sweater has developed this ECO-friendly project strictly applying the Gold Category requirements of Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED), which are officially prescribed by the U.S. Green Building Council. Learn more


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